Venezia 1600

In the name of beauty. Venezia 1600.

For an important anniversary, an open-air exhibition also available on the web app

A truly sensational milestone for the incomparable Venezia, which in 2021 can blow out as many as 1600 candles. On the occasion of this anniversary, ENIT - Italian National Tourism Board, in collaboration with renowned institutions such as the Municipality of Venezia, the Ca 'Foscari University and the Venezia Pavilion of the 2021 Architecture Biennial, is setting up the open-air exhibition "In the name of beauty. Venezia 1600" in the second half of October in the city's historic centre. The exhibition allows you to once again see and relive, in one breath, the whole history of the promotion of the Serenissima and its jewels in the world over the past 100 years.

The complete exhibition itinerary includes 50 subjects divided into six major themes: Art and architectureGenre scenesHolidays and festivalsIslands and craftsCortinaThe land and Palladian Villas. For each section, a unique collection of black and white photographs from the 30s, 50s and 60s, of historical posters - many by contemporary artists - from the 20s to the 80s, and more covers dedicated to Venezia in the historical magazines of the Agency from the 20s to the 60s. A real journey through historic Venezia for which the Tua Italia web app offers a digital extension.
The effort dedicated to Venezia is part of a broader engagement, and forms part of the initiatives implemented by ENIT to enhance its cultural heritage, registered and catalogued starting from 2019 on the occasion of the centenary of the organisation and still in the phase of digitalisation and filing today. Archival documents, works of art such as prints and author lithographs, historical relics, library material, assets concerning the history of Italian customs and society: this is ENIT heritage.
From the first months of 2021, the ENIT digital historical archive has also been online. Unique, centralised and digital, it comprises material which is varied in terms of type and date, offering a historical overview of the whole of Italy. During this project, over 100 historical posters by great contemporary artists such as Dudovich, Cambellotti, Boccasile, Retrosi, Mino delle Site and other material from the ENIT photographic archive have been digitalised, comprising a total of about 35,000 files to date.